Interior Fixed Application

Our Fixed Interior Insulating Window unit is ideal for applications from storefronts to large commercial buildings."

The units provide lasting comfort, quality and aesthetic value, and are available in a variety of different glass and framing options.


Encapsulated Blind Application

Eliminate the cleaning, repair and replacement of traditional window coverings with optional Between-the-Glass blinds. The space between the existing window and the new Maine Glass pane allows for the insertion of the maintenance-free blinds. Together, the blinds and the thermal pocket of air reduces solar heat gain by up to 70 percent.

  • Easy to Clean Smooth cleanable surface
  • Effective
  • Patient Comfort Reduces solar heat gain
  • Sterile Environment Reduced risk of hospital
  • Energy Efficiency & Savings: Typical 5 to 7 year payback
  • Non-Intrusive Install: Quick and clean


Interior Slider Application

Our Interior Sliders come with our unique lift and remove system for easier cleaning.


Interior Single Hung Application

Our “Single Hung Window” is easily installed with aluminum tracks.